What We Do

The Ascott Centre for Excellence (ACE)'s reach is extended beyond Singapore through trained and dedicated staff of the serviced residences of the group and through its annual training visits at the serviced residences. To cater to the group's rapid expansion and development of human capital, The Ascott Limited has invested in a campus, in Singapore, for ACE to operate like an "Institute of Higher Learning". The emphasis is to bring staff to a higher level of excellence and prepare them for the global challenges ahead.

Building Technical and Service Quality
One of ACE's main roles is the building of technical and service quality in the group. It does this through training programmes delivered by our dedicated team of certified in-house trainers. We run these programmes in our campus as well as in our serviced residences, focusing on improving the technical and service delivery skills of our staff across the group. Every staff member will have attended a series of our core programmes within three months upon joining the group, on service delivery, technical skills, and personal development. Another important programme for us is the development of key staff to manage the professional opening of the group's new serviced residences worldwide.

ACE also works with some of the best educational bodies and course providers to enhance operational excellence in the organisation. Our executives and managers attend a range of executive development programmes designed to enhance their technical and management competence.

Grooming Leaders
An important aspect of the growth of the group is the availability of leaders. ACE has several programmes to help the group groom leaders. These include various rigorous leadership development programmes that shape talented staff or fresh outside talents to get them ready for deployment to the various roles and locations within the group's portfolio.

The duration of these programmes vary from two months to one year, and the participants are required to pass examinations, projects, and on-the-job assessments. The group has invested and developed more than 100 participants in such rigorous leadership development programmes over the past six years. The group through ACE also offers scholarships for relevant diploma courses at tertiary institutes to promising students from various countries.

Culture Building
ACE's other crucial role is to facilitate the building of a vibrant culture within the group. It is imperative that it remains true to its core values as the group grows. ACE seeks to ensure a common language and way of working across the group, with constant reviews to ensure that the programmes help create the culture that group wants.

ACE continually reviews its strategies and processes to ensure its relevance to the group and more importantly, to ensure that the group remains relevant to its customers and true to its purpose.

Industry Professionals and New Entrants
ACE has extended its training resources for the public. ACE is a Continuing Education and Training (CET) centre approved by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) specializing in training for the Hotel and Accommodation Services Sector.

ACE offers certification ranging from Certificates to Diploma level. For more information, please visitwww.theascottlimited.com/ace/index.htm