Product and Technical Services

Our Product and Technical Services department establishes and communicates the standards required for The Ascott Limited serviced residences. It formulates comprehensive design guidelines and technical specifications for the Ascott, Somerset, Citadines, Quest, The Crest Collection and lyf brands to make each a distinct and unique product.

Product and Technical Services strives to identify the best innovations in sustainable living, technologies and materials. The department researches innovations, conducts feasibility testing, and thoroughly assesses their attributes prior to successful implementation.

With experienced, multi-disciplinary professionals capable of managing development projects to completion, our Product and Services department provides expertise required to review design proposals, including space planning, architecture, engineering, and interior design. As a further complement to ensuring service standards across our brands, the team also advises on the selection of equipment, systems and technology, and oversees the commissioning of mechanical and electrical systems. Throughout this process, the team adheres to the stipulated design standards and allocated budgets, to promptly deliver projects with ease and uncompromised quality.

Product and Technical Services ensures that its serviced residences are the market leaders in cutting edge concepts and technologies. Through continual reviews and refinement processes, the department continuously raises the bar to satisfy the evolving expectations and needs of our most discerning guests – ensuring that The Ascott Limited remains at the forefront of its industry.