Indulgent Japan


The traditional Japanese diet consists of vegetables, seafood, rice, green tea, seaweed, and soy – plays an important role in the people’s longevity. Enjoy these healthy yet delicious foods with an extravagant omakase (a multi-course meal decided by the chef) at one of Tokyo’s top sushi joints, or with a feast of delicate tofu dishes at Kyoto’s many speciality restaurants. Be sure to sample the country’s street snacks too, from mochi (glutinous rice cake) to tamagoyaki (a fluffy Japanese omelette served on a stick).



Unwind with a long soak in one of the country’s numerous onsen baths. These natural hot springs – which are an integral part of Japanese culture – purpotedly offer various health and anti-ageing benefits, thanks to the high mineral content of the water. For instance, they are said to reduce inflammation, relieve aches and pains, and improve blood circulation.



Experience Japan’s numerous natural wonders. A day trip to Mount Fuji is a must when you visit Tokyo, and don’t forget to explore the serene Lake Kawaguchi at its base. The best time to travel to Japan is in early spring, which marks the fleeting cherry blossom season – the sakura flowers burst briefly and beautifully into bloom every April.



Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo is a luxurious sanctuary in the heart of the capital’s financial district. Here you’ll find one-and two-bedroom apartments, as well as the spacious Marunouchi Suite (which accommodates up to six guests), making the hotel ideal for business travellers and families alike.