Look good, feel good

Booking yourself in for a pumping workout – yes, even when you’re overseas – isn’t just a great way of keeping those endorphin levels up. It may also present many opportunities to meet new people.


We’ve all heard of aerial yoga, but Aleksandra Milewicz, a Polish-born yoga instructor who calls Hong Kong home, has taken it one step further with Bamboo Yoga, offering aerial yoga on bamboo tripods on the beautiful beaches of Tai Long Wan. Here, bamboo tripods are used to suspend hammocks, so participants practise aerial yoga over water. With both beginner and advanced classes available, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the city, commune with nature and meet new people at the same time. For those who are physically stronger and already have some aerial experience, challenge yourself with Bamboo Yoga’s new offerings: aerial hoop and flying pole.



High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been a buzzword in the fitness world of late and for good reason: these workouts promise results relatively quickly and without needing to spend hours at the gym. CityRow is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that combines rowing with mat work, including the use of free weights, planking and squats. Why row? Because it’s a cardio workout that minimises the impact other cardio workouts put on the joints while providing maximum burn.



It’s hard to dread going for a workout when it’s centred around jumping up and down on a trampoline for 45 minutes. At Bounce Inc, where the focus is on “high spirits and awesome soundtracks”, you can choose between three workouts: Basic (a jumping- based class that combines cardio, toning and core fitness, ABT (which targets the abs, butt and thighs) and Combat (which involves unleashing power through punches and kicks). Whatever you choose, we reckon these workouts are best done with friends, so grab a buddy and enjoy a fun day out.



Surfing is not just for impossibly fit folks. At Surfset, anyone can learn to improve their balance while building a stronger core. Here, you’ll be led through a series of bodyweight exercises like push-ups and planks on an unstable surfboard – all in the name of improving your core strength. And if you should fall off your board, laugh it off and try again. We promise, there’ll be no judgment here.



Are you too restless for regular downward dogs and chaturangas? At Disco Yoga, sun salutations are anything but boring – as you’ll be doing them to disco tracks from the 70s. Aer class, reward yourself for all the hard work with a superfood cocktail (they have hilarious names like “Raining Zen” and “Kale and the Gang”) as you mix and mingle with fellow yogis.



Barre workouts are the latest fitness craze that’s taken the world by storm, and the cities Down Under are no exception. Xtend has over 20 studios across Australia and six in Western Australia alone. While many other barre programmes focus only on small movements, Xtend offers movement of the whole body by combining elements of Pilates and dance for a dynamic workout. With a variety of programmes – including classes that make use of TRX suspension trainer, circuit training, and more relaxing stretch sessions – there’ll be a perfect one for you regardless of how energetic or tired you may be feeling on a particular day.



This spin studio doesn’t lock you down with monthly memberships, making it a great option if you’re just passing through the French capital. While other spin studios pride themselves on their brutal workouts, Dynamo’s focus is on “connecting body and mind in rhythm with the music”. The pace of the workouts here isn’t crazy-intense, making it suitable for people of all fitness levels.