Actual Breadwinners and Cake Bosses: The World’s Best Bakeries

Fine baked goods are no longer exclusive to France or even Europe. At this year’s Coupe du Monde de Boulangerie, the world cup of baking, a team of Koreans beat the French, at a baking contest held in Paris. Here’s a guide to the best bakeries around the globe.


Singapore: Baker & Cook

77 Hillcrest Road, Greenwood

Singapore 288951

Tel: (65) 6469 8834

Dean Brettschneider is a well-respected, award-winning baker who cut his teeth in New Zealand and Europe before starting Baker & Cook in Singapore. He brings some of his globe-trotting experiences to his products, like the famous carrot cake. Instead of the commonly used mixed spice, he uses Chinese five- spice, because he couldn’t get mixed spice in China. There is a vast range of global baked delights including biscotti, Turkish pide and German volkorn.


Paris: Poilâne

8 rue du cherche-Midi Paris 75006

Tel: (33–1) 4548 4259

This world famous bakery has been going since 1932, and The New Yorker profiled it in a December 2012 feature about how the founder’s granddaughter is taking over “France’s premier baking dynasty.” Aside from their famous sourdough, Poilâne’s other breads — such as raisin or nut — are also worth a try. They only have a small range of bread to ensure quality. All the bread is made in wood-fired ovens, and when the founder’s son Lionel Poilâne opened the first shop outside France in London in 2000, he had spent two years getting permission to use a wood-fire oven.


Perth: Fiorentina

44 Angove street,

North Perth

wA 6006, Australia

Tel: (61–8) 9328 7442

Italian goodies for everyday — or special occasions. Fiorentina’s purple façade makes it distinctive among the other cafes on the street. As the name suggests, a Sicilian family founded the patisserie, and you can see that in the wide selection of Italian pastries in the pastry fridge. They also make cakes for special occasions, such as profiterole towers, giant cannoli, and torta cakes.


Tokyo: Hidemi Sugino

104-0031Chuo3-6-17 Kyobashi, 1F Kyobashi Oe Bldg. 

Hidemi Sugino won the title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef in 2015. He specializes in mousse-based bakes, and he’s become so famous that a queue forms outside his shop every morning. He trained in Japan before spending a few years in France, and won the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 1991, making him a true cake boss. It’s said that each day, the shop only makes 10 of famous Ambroisie that won him that honor, so go early. Also, you can’t take pictures, and some cakes are so delicate you cannot get them to go.


Frankfurt: Kronberger

Vogelsbergstraße 19

60316 Frankfurt am

Main, Germany

Tel: (49–69) 431 585

Kronberger is a less high profile place; it’s a popular local bakery that has become known as having some of the best traditional German pastries in town.Try their delicious bread — and maybe a slice of gateau. It won’t cost you as much as the other places, and there’s plenty to choose from, with tarts, cakes, pies and more.