Restaurants and Dishes to Get You into Raw Food

A few years ago, raw food became a hot new diet and some advocates swear by how eating only raw food has made them healthier. Now it’s probably not for everyone, and you should definitely be careful and probably talk to a dietician before putting children on it, but for the people who love meat and baked goods and cooked pasta, here are the best places and dishes to try raw food and see if this diet is for you.


Afterglow, Singapore

The most popular dishes at this relatively new restaurant include a deconstructed sushi bowl (mushrooms, avocados, pickles, and mild wasabi on rice) and the raw zucchini linguine with meat balls (where the pasta is made of zucchini and meat is made of shitake mushrooms, walnuts and dates). They also have seasonal fruit parfaits for dessert, as well as their home-made vegan cheese with cashew nuts. They get their produce from local or regional farmers.

24 Keong Saik Road

Tel: +65 6224 8921


Ceviche, London

Don’t worry; raw foodies can have meat too. Ceviche is the national dish of Peru and loved by many, so many that this restaurant is named after and dedicated to this dish. Yes it’s still raw food, because the fish is “cooked” by being marinated in a mix based on citrus juice. The acid denatures the protein, similar to how it would react to heat, giving you raw fish that looks and tastes like cooked fish. The place prides itself on travelling “the length of Peru to find the best recipes, and the length of Britain to find the freshest fish.”

17 Frith Street, London

Tel: +44 207 292 2040


Yong Green Food, Melbourne, Australia

Australia might be a fair distance away from many other countries, but the two Korean sisters running Yong Green Food offer an extensive menu that’s clearly inspired by Asian cuisine, as well as Mexican and Italian dishes. Two of their best raw dishes are the kelp Pad Thai and a tiramisu made with nuts and coconut butter and organic spiced rum.

21 Brunswick Street

Tel: +61 3 9417 3338


Gwangjang Market, Seoul, Korea

You should visit this over-100-year-old market even if you’re not into raw food, because it has plenty of quality silk goods, kitchen ware, clothing, and most importantly, street food. Raw foodies should definitely try the yuk-hoe, which is a Korean steak tartare, seasoned with soy sauce and spices and served with Korean pear and a raw egg. This dish is so popular there’s an entire alley in the market dedicated to it.