Seven Experiences You Must Have If You Love Chocolate

Dip Yourself in a Chocolate Bath in Japan

Every year around Valentine’s Day, the Hakone Kowaiken Yunessun spa resort outside Tokyo pours chocolate into bathtubs so you can try being a human marshmallow.  During the rest of the year, you can bathe in Japanese sake, green tea, coffee, and wine. There’s water too, but why do that?


Try Australian Chocolate So Beautiful It’s Practically Art

Shocolate creates some truly jaw-dropping seasonal chocolate creations that are all molded, painted, brushed, and polished by hand. Make sure you visit during Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas, when you can pick up your own chocolate Santa. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their creations like vegemite chocolate or chocolate that’s made to be eaten with cheese. 


Visit the Closest Thing to Willy Wonka’s Factory in the U.K.

Cadbury World is probably as close as you’ll get to meeting Willy Wonka. The experience is still a great family treat, and worth the day trip up from London. Enjoy exhibits that show you the ancient Mayan origins of the cocoa bean, hop onto a motion simulator ride, and watch chocolatiers make treats in front of you.  


Buy Chocolate that’s Literally Fit For a King in Paris

In 1800, a pharmacist to King Louis XVI opened a chocolate shop in Paris, and the shop was later made the official chocolatier of Louis XVIII, Charles X, and Louis Philippe, as well as being loved by Russian Tsars, Proust, Baudelaire, and Hugo. Their chocolates are hand-made and have a high percentage of cocoa without much sugar. You’re supposed to eat them between meals by putting them in the middle of your tongue and chewing slowly several times.