How to Get Started Skiing

If you’re going on a ski vacation for the first time, you can get more out of it if you’re prepared and know the basics. Here are some quick tips so you won’t look like a novice on the slopes.


Exercise before you go, as far in advance as you can

Skiing is hard on your joints, and you’ll be much better if you’re in decent shape and have worked on the core and leg muscles used for skiing. One well-known exercise is to just stand with your back against the wall, slide to a sitting position on an imaginary chair. Your thighs will hurt, a lot. Try doing that for a minute or two, then add more time.

Power skating, roller-blading, and bicycling also work out the muscles you’ll need for skiing. Beyond that, focus on doing squats, leg presses, and deadlifts at the gym.


Rent or buy (if you’re serious) the right gear

The comfort of your boots can make or break your ski holiday. Your boots should let you wiggle your toes, but not so much that you can turn your foot side to side. Spend the time with an experienced ski shop employee to make sure you rent boots that are right for you. You’ll also need snow pants, waterproof jacket and gloves, and a helmet.


Start with something easy

If it’s your first time skiing, you’ll go on a “bunny slope” that’s meant for young children. Don’t be embarrassed; everyone started learning this way. The best way to prepare is to practice on an indoor ski slope that’s close to home and take classes. Choosing the right resort can help too – look for a place with several “bunny slopes” so you can work your way up, and look for wide rather than steep slopes.