Reaching Out, Touching Hearts

Initiatives around the world

Ascott’s extensive geographical footprint enables it to reach out to local communities in which it operates in. Ascott staff around the world work with local welfare organisations and government agencies to identify the needs of the community’s children, suggest solutions and monitor their progress after a change has been implemented. Residents of our serviced residences are also encouraged to join in the meaningful activities. Many have responded very positively to the opportunity to be able to give back to the new community in which they now call home.

Southeast Asia and Australia


Ascott’s Indonesia cluster continues to donate to support the education of underprivileged      children under the care of SOS Desa Taruna Cibubur. 2013 will be the fourth year Ascott’s Indonesia cluster has worked with the foundation in the establishment of an Ascott Childrens Education Fund. SGD 5,200 will be used to fund the children’s school fees for the academic year of 2013/14. [Read more]


Ascott launched a global fitness and CSR campaign, “Moving Feet, Touching Lives”, on 1 August that will mobilise our staff worldwide to walk, jog or run and contribute their mileage clocked for charity. As part of Ascott’s 30th Anniversary celebrations, the company will donate S$1 for every kilometre covered to “Save the Children”, an international organisation that supports needy children in 120 countries. The goal is to raise S$30,000 within three months globally. [Read more]


The Philippines team held several initiatives to support the children at Tabontabon Central School in Tacloban, a city badly wrecked by Typhoon Haiyan. Ascott staff volunteers helped to rebuild the school by repairing and repainting classrooms, replacing furniture and raising funds for reconstruction work. They also organised various activities such as classes in arts and crafts, music and English to support the children’s learning. [Read more]


Ascott has donated a total of VND230 million worth of relief, for retrofitting houses and improving education, to more than 400 underprivileged children and the poor in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai and Nam Dinh provinces. Donations include contributions from staff and residents at the Somerset properties in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The initiatives are part of the Ascott's commitment to give back to the communities where it operates. [Read more]


The Ascott Thailand team partnered with CapitaLand Hope Foundation and I Care Thailand to donate new bunk beds, linens, cupboards, food and school supplies to under-privileged students at Doi Wiengpa Pitaya School in Chiang Rai province. Most of the children attending Doi Wiengpa Pitaya School, from kindergarten to junior high, are from low income families and live in rural areas. [Read more]


Staff members in Australia raised over AUD 4000 from participating in a variety of activities to support TLC for Kids, an Australian charity. The latter provides sick kids with personalised, practical and emotional support through two programs: The TLC Distraction Boxes and RAPID TLC Program. The TLC Distraction Boxes are used in hospitals and healthcare facilities Australia-wide to help children through frightening and painful medical examinations and procedures. The RAPID TLC service provides immediate distraction to kids, responding to their requests immediately and fulfilling them within 48 hours. [Read more]

North Asia


“Happy Kitchen” Program was launched to help improve the dining conditions for at least 1,000 students at CapitaLand Hope Schools across China on 28th September. The program is a community outreach effort by Ascott China, in partnership with CapitaLand Hope Foundation (China) (CHFC) as the charity sponsor and China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) as the NGO partner. As part of this program, fund-raising has been carried out among our residents, partners, staffs and public in all Ascott’s serviced residences over two months. The donations will be utilised for kitchen renovation and purchase of equipment for CapitaLand Hope Schools that are in need of proper food preparation facility and equipment. Volunteers will visit the schools to share nutritional knowledge and healthy diets with the teachers and students. [Read more]

South Korea

Staff members held a Holt Bazaar at Somerset Palace Seoul to sell items donated by staff members and residents. The event raised 370,000 won to support children from Holt Children Care Center.  

Gulf Region and India


A few days before Diwali, staff volunteers from Somerset Greenways Chennai visited Narbhavi, a home for abandoned and destitute elderly people, to spread the warmth and festivity of this special occasion. Mrs Ghosh, a resident at Somerset Greenways Chennai, who has a talent for making crafts out of everyday household junk, joined the staff volunteers for the visit. They taught the home’s residents to make simple crafts and greeting cards from materials such as discarded aluminum foil, bottles caps and newspapers. [Read more]



Since 2007, Ascott Europe has supported Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, a French charitable association that helps children with heart defects around the world to receive treatment in France. The charity also supports the training of doctors from the countries where the children come from. [Read more]