Embark on a Desert Adventure - If you’re feeling adventurous, book a tour to explore the nearby desert for some riotous fun. Drive across fluffy sand dunes or camp overnight in the desert, we guarantee that it’ll be an experience of a lifetime. If you’re staying at an international hotel, most of them would be able to assist you in hiring a driver.

Visit the Singing Sand Dunes -  Located 40 kilometres outside Doha, the Singing Sand Dunes are a natural phenomenon that results in sand emitting a whistling or barking sound. Caused by wind blowing over the dunes or by treading on the sand, it normally emits a sound that’s close to 450 Hz. 

Take a Sea Tour - Tour groups often bring boats of people out on traditional Qatari dhows to fish, swim and snorkel in the azure waters surrounding Doha. The best part? Most of these tours come equipped with a private chef who will prepare a tasty barbecue while you and your friends lay out on deck.