Drawing influences from Portugal, China and even as far as Africa, Macau has created its own special brand of Macanese food. Here are some delectable dishes that every visitor needs to sink their teeth into.

Almond cookies - You can pick up a box of these these dried, crispy Chinese styled sweet treats from almost anywhere in Macau. Able to be kept over long periods of time, these cookies make a great souvenir for you to bring back home.

Portuguese Style Chicken - Ignore the misleading moniker, this dish is 100% a Macanese invention. Featuring tender chicken meat doused in a warm, coconut curry, it makes the perfect comfort food.

Pork Chop Bun - Best consumed after a heavy night of drinking, the pork chop bun is made out of a deep fried pork cutlet stashed in between two fluffy buns.  

Egg Tarts - Last but certainly not the least, the Portuguese egg tarts are the most popular of all Macanese dishes. A soft, yellow center is encircled by a flaky puff pastry on the outside. If there’s one thing you have to try in Macau, this is it.