Buy - Buy a Lyon City Card that costs €21 for one day, €31 for two days and €41 for three days. The card allows for unlimited rides for all modes of public transport, complimentary or reduced fees to major museums and exhibitions, and one guided tour per day per person. You might also want to invest in a detailed map of Lyon, that can be purchased from a bookshop or newsagent. 

Climate - The climate in Lyon is ‘gentle-continental’, with temperatures rarely ever crossing into the extremities. Lyon is susceptible to thunderstorms in the summer, especially around August.

Time to Visit - Lyon doesn’t have a year-round influx of tourists. Most of them come to the city for Fête des Lumières, which takes place in early to mid-December. Here are some of the city’s main festivals:

  • Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières)
  • Bocuse d'Or
  • Nuits Sonores - Panorama of Electronic Music
  • Les Nuits de Fourvière

Weather wise, spring and autumn are usually the best months to visit Lyon.

Language - Asides from French, you may hear patois, the local dialect being used. English is used at hotels, tourist attractions and restaurants, but not much outside the city.