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Bangalore is India’s third largest city and a thriving metropolis that offers an affable climate, as well as a burgeoning dining, drinking and shopping scene. Recently voted the most liveable city in India, the capital of Karnataka has gone through a recent wave of immense development in a bid to further cement its status as a cosmopolitan city.

It is also the hub of India’s IT industry, vying only against Mumbai as the nation's most progressive city. Despite its quick advancements, Bangalore has preserved its lush greenery and colonial-era heritage structures, giving the up-and-coming Indian city a genuine multi-layered feel.

Getting Around

There are a myriad of ways to get around Bangalore. Choose from the more luxurious taxis, or the rustic and gritty buses and auto-rickshaws.

Motorbike rental is also possible if you’re gutsy enough to whizz through Bangalore’s traffic. Here are some motorcycle rental shops you can go to - roadpanda, Dryve, ZipHop.

By Metro Train

The ‘Namma Metro’ is Bangalore’s fairly new rapid transit rail service. While it is meant to drastically cut down time spent on road travel, the construction of the metro itself is also chugging along slowly.

By Taxi

Taxis are a good, comfortable way to get around the city. They are modern, air-conditioned and the drivers are generally knowledgeable.

Airport taxis normally require advance booking, although you may be able to hail them off the street on occasion. Private taxis that are arranged by travel agents and hotels are more expensive, but are also safer and more comfortable than a regular taxi. The last option is Uber and Ola, which must be pre-booked via a smartphone app.

It is advisable to book your taxi at least half an hour before heading out, especially if you are in a time-sensitive situation. The traffic jams at peak hour can be a big pain.

By Car Rental:

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By Auto-Rickshaw:

Auto-Rickshaws are a charming, but dingy way to travel. While they are significantly cheaper than a taxi, it is not advisable for long distances. You can find one anywhere at almost any time. Look out for the green and yellow, or black and yellow three wheeled contraptions.

Auto-rickshaws are meant to run by the meter, and most drivers tend to abide by this rule. However, if you meet one that insists on a fixed fare, just walk away - chances are he’ll come running after you with a better rate.