Weather in sub-tropical Busan, which is located on South Korea’s picturesque southeastern coast, ranges from temperate during the winter and early spring, to rather hot and humid in the summer and fall.

Given Busan’s alluring beaches and ample outdoor activities, then, it’s understandably tempting to circle the peak summer months of July and August, though keep in mind there’s a reason why the city is often called “the summer capital” of South Korea—that’s when the country descends upon the city, hits the beach, and generally drives up costs. Book your airfare and Citadines serviced apartment well in advance to get the best rates and ensure availability.

The same rule of thumb applies for October, when two of Busan’s signature annual events—the Busan International Film Festival and Busan International Fireworks Festival—take place. Attendance at the film festival is pushing towards 250,000, while the massive fireworks display draws upwards of 2.5 million onlookers.

Once festival goers head home, however, Busan takes a deep breath and recovers for the next five to six months. November to April are generally the low tourism season, and as such are ideal times to score great rates, meet smaller crowds at the hot springs spas, and hit the mountainous hiking trails under cooler conditions.