Weather -

Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit Chengdu. Summers can be sweltering, and winters are cold and wet. To make things worse, most of southern China does not enjoy central heating. April to June, and September to early December are great times to be in the city, but be sure to avoid China’s busiest holidays in the first week of May and the first week of October.

Chengdu rarely dips below 9°C and its hottest days sometimes skyrocket to around 32°C. The region is wet though, and gets very humid all year around.

Obtaining a Visa -

Travellers who stay longer than 72 hours will need to apply in advance for a visa from the Chinese embassy. Typically, you would need a confirmed flight and hotel bookings before you apply. If you are staying for under 72 hours, simply present your air-ticket as proof and register with the local police within the first day.

When to Visit -

Travelling to China during its two main public holidays - Spring Festival at the beginning of the year and the national holidays in October - is not advised. Everyone else in the country is also travelling and all planes, trains and other forms of transport are a crush.

Internet Connectivity -

China’s wariness of social media is widely known internationally. Frequent users of Facebook or Twitter, and even those who are regular users of Google’s services, should plan ahead and acquire a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Several providers and plans can be found on the internet, with Astrill, StrongVPN and Witopia among the most popular.