Giant Panda Breeding Research Base - Undoubtedly Chengdu’s most popular attraction, this research base provides visitors with the most intimate encounter one will probably ever have with a giant panda. Located 18 kilometres north of the city, this reserve is home not just to its main namesakes, but also to red pandas and black-necked cranes.

He Ming Tea House - Enjoy a soothing cup of tea at one of Chengdu’s oldest, and most bustling teahouses. Opt for a bottomless cup (¥12 to ¥30), which gives you unlimited refills. The teahouse also showcases tea-pouring performances on Saturdays from 2PM to 3PM.

Wenshu Temple - Built in the Tang Dynasty, this historic tribute temple is dedicated to Wenshu, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. One of Chengdu’s largest and most well preserved Buddhist temples, Wenshu Temple is set in a quaint, old neighbourhood that today, teems with teahouses and shops.