The locals live and breathe their food. And while the city is home to every imaginable cuisine, the true pulse of Hong Kong gastronomy is undoubtedly Cantonese food. Here are a list of Canto restaurants you should jot down in your itinerary.

Kau Kee Restaurant - Offering piping hot broths, silky smooth noodles and slivers of melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket, diners don’t come here for conversation - not just because of the dirty looks you get for lingering - but because mouth function is best reserved for chewing intently.

Mak’s Noodles - Wanton noodles register more as a religion in Hong Kong than just a mere meal. Originating from Guangzhou, Mak’s Noodles is a perfect representation of classic Hong Kong fare; plump dumplings of prawn and pork swim in a comforting broth, accompanied by thin, springy noodles. Portions are small, so be sure to order doubles.

Yat Lok - Roast goose is something of a well-kept Hong Kong treasure; one that has hardly been replicated outside the city. And you’ll find one of the best at Yat Lok. If the combination of paper-thin, crispy skin layered with parings of lightly charred fat doesn’t move you, we’re not sure what else will.

Lin Hueng - Take everything you know about Western dining rules and chuck them out the window - there is no queue system here, no menus, and no English spoken, so go prepared for an assault on the senses. What you do get is the purest form of Cantonese dining and some of the best old school dim sum in town.