Istanbul’s wide variety of culinary delights are known to be financially unforgiving at times. Here, we present a list of the city’s best street food to keep your hard-earned Lira intact and your appetite satiated.

Doner - The most well-known culinary export from Turkey, the doner has made its way all around the world. Made out of slices of meat grilled over a vertical rotisserie, and occasionally accompanied by bread, this dish makes a quick and gratifying meal for any time of the day.

Balik-Ekmek - One of Istanbul’s most popular street dishes, Balik-Ekmek is a must-try when you’re around Karakoy and the Eminonu shore. The fish sandwich is constructed out of a grilled whitefish and laid inside a half-loaf of white bread with raw onions and lettuce. Don’t be fooled into ordering this at a restaurant, Balik Ekmek tastes best bought off the street.

Simit - Simit is Istanbul’s version of the bagel. Dipped in molasses, this circular bun is then encrusted with sesame seeds. If you’re wondering where to buy these, just follow your nose.

Kokorec - This Turkish delicacy is not for the weak of gut. The spiced and skewered lamb intestines are served with bread and a generous dose of grease and salt. For one of the best versions in the city, head down to Sampiyon Kokorec, a popular chain that specialises in this exotic dish.