Why Marseille?

Marseille is France’s oldest city. Having been discovered by Greek traders some 2,600 years ago, it was an important port and keeper of the region’s customs. The city went through a period of slight downfall, but has gotten back up on its feet after its stint as the European Capital of Culture in 2013. Now home to a mix of rustic Mediterranean accents tossed with an advent of modern buildings and facilities, Marseille is one colourful city that you shouldn’t miss.

When to Go?

Spring and Fall are the best times to go to Marseille, although you'll likely encounter some rain, especially in the Fall. If you’re seeking a nice, temperate holiday, July is the month for you.

Annual Events

Here is a calendar of Marseille’s main cultural events:

  • Avec le Temps (Spring)
  • Festival de Danse et des Arts Mutiples de Marseille (all summer)
  • Le festival du Plateau (September)
  • Le Fiesta Des Suds (October)
  • La Foire aux Santos (late November)