Marseille is a city of many, diverse offerings. Here are some of our favourite places to go to in the city.

For Art

The oldest area in town, Le Panier, was also where newcomers to Marseille would gravitate to. The centrally located area is growing increasingly hip, and houses a number of quaint, artsy shophouses and hole-in-the-wall cafes. Right smack in the middle of the neighbourhood is Vieille Charité, a historic monument that functions as a museum and cultural centre.

To Eat

Schilling is a 24-seater restaurant and the brainchild of Scotsman, Malcolm Gardner. Located in between Vieux Port and Le Panier, the restaurant serves a daily menu that Gardner strategises after paying the local boats a visit in the morning. The result is a lip-smacking triumph for both Scotland and the Mediterranean.

For Souvenirs

One of Marseille’s most famous home-grown handicrafts, savon de Marseille (soap), is widely available across many shops. But in truth, there only exists five legitimate soap producers in the region, with one of them being La Grande Savonnerie. The authentic block of soap is constructed out of olive oil, with palm oil added (for liquid soap), and not exposed to any influence of colour or perfume. Take note of it, before you start sweeping every shelf clean of them.

For Shopping

Located along Rue Paradis is Jogging, a perfume and accessories store. Having taken over a former butcher’s shop, the Boucherie sign still hangs outside, and the interiors feature shelves with meat hooks, giving this everyday shop a cutting edge.