From theme parks to architectural wonders and local districts, here is a selection of Shanghai’s highlights that would please everyone.

(For Families) Shanghai Disney Resort - Shanghai’s freshly inaugurated Disney Resort promises to be a real treat for families with children. Since it opened its doors in June 2016, the legendary theme park has seen a nonstop deluge of people flocking to it. Housing the largest Disney castle in the world, the resort also features a wide variety of rides, rollercoasters, performances, shops and restaurants for everyone in the family. Book your tickets online in advance to avoid the snaking queues at the entrance.

(For Architectural Buffs) The Bund - The Bund is a mile-long waterfront promenade located along the Huangpu River. To the west of it stands 52 buildings fashioned in various architectural styles - some Gothic, some Baroque and some Neoclassical. It is this vantage point that has given The Bund its reputation as ‘the museum of buildings’. If there’s one thing you have to see in Shanghai, this is it.

(For Sightseers) Yuyuan Gardens - Believed to have been built in the Ming Dynasty more than 400 years ago, a trip to Yuyuan Gardens will bring you back in time. Experience the classic Chinese architecture of Old Shanghai, or visit the Yuyuan Bazaar, which sells local snacks and souvenirs.

(For Hanging Out) Xintiandi - Composed of reconstituted 19th-century shikumen blocks that now serve as bookstores, cafes, restaurants and shopping malls, Xintiandi offers a privileged glimpse into the old-world charm of 1920s Shanghai. Today, it is one of the wealthiest districts in China, with apartments here costing as much or more than Tokyo, New York or London.