From fashion to handicrafts and electronics, here’s where you can find some of Seoul’s most diverse and authentic shopping experiences.   

Dongdaemun - One of the largest shopping arenas in Seoul, Dongdaemun is a must-visit for visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of Korean lifestyle and fashion. Split into 5 different shopping districts, with 30,000 shops spanning over 10 blocks, it’s a bonafide shopping paradise that has to be seen to be believed.

Namdaemun - If you’re on the hunt for Korean handicraft, Namdaemun is your go-to market. Opened in 1964, it features locally crafted products such as clothes, kitchenware, toys, outdoor equipment, homeware and various other knick-knacks. Ladies can even purchase a traditional Korean Hanbok here.

Insa-dong - Insa-dong is a charming neighbourhood that houses several quaint tea-shops and art galleries. Historically, it was a place where painters gathered, and this propensity for the arts and crafts has never left the neighbourhood. Today, it is buzzing with artists, craftsmen, and painters selling their works to art aficionados and souvenir-seeking travellers. 

Yongsan Electronics Market - Yongsan Electronics Market is Seoul’s answer to Akihabara. With over 5000 stores, the market sells everything and anything that can be plugged in. A haven for tech-thirsty locals or curious tourists, it also holds an outdoor flea market selling discounted products on the first and third Sunday of the month.