Museum of Islamic Art - Standing solitarily in the sunset like a forgotten soldier, the Museum of Islamic Art is one of Doha’s most graceful architectural feats. Designed by legendary architect I.M. Pei, it features a modern, minimalistic take on traditional Islamic architecture. The iconic structure resembles a fortress built out of broken cubes, while on the inside, it contains 1,400 years of Islamic art from over three continents, an Alain Ducasse restaurant, as well as sprawling, perfectly manicured lawns to tumble on.

Doha Fort - The Doha Fort was built in 1927 and was a military fortress before it was turned into a heritage museum. Known for its stark white facade, it makes for a great picture perfect moment.

Al Corniche - A trip to Doha would be in vain if you didn’t experience Al Corniche at least once. The waterfront promenade is one of the city’s most opulent sights, stretching for several kilometres along Doha Bay, and also where most of Doha’s landmarks reside. Take a relaxing jog down the promenade, admire the cityscape, or just spend a languid afternoon people-watching.

The Pearl Qatar - The artificial island sits on approximately 4 million square metres of land, and is expected to house over 45,000 residents by 2018. This luxury off-shore island is almost completely self-sustained, with luxury boutiques, car showrooms, fine-dining restaurants, banks, and even a beach resort on it. It’s so perfect that it almost feels like a scene out of a movie.