Berlin’s neighbourhoods are distinctly different from one another, each contributing to the layers of the city’s rich culture. Here are some of our favourites districts to explore.

Mitte - Mitte is the historic and economic heart of the city. With a bevy of key attractions and monuments, such as Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag and Berliner Dom, residing within its boundaries, it also is home to the high-end shopping and fancy restaurant-patronising clique.

Prenzlauer Berg - Leaning slightly towards the east is Prenzlauer Berg, an exciting area spilling over with quirky shops, small parks and laid-back cafes. Be sure to take a walk down Kastanienalle, where you’ll find all sorts of eclectic wares. But the area is best loved for Mauerpark’s Sunday flea market, where you go eat, drink, shop or participate in Bearpit Karaoke, a public Karaoke session that takes place in a mini, alfresco auditorium. The best (or worse) thing about it? Anyone can take part. 

Kreuzberg - One of the trendiest neighbourhoods to emerge from New Berlin, Kreuzberg wears rebellion well. Giving old buildings a new lease of life with sprayed on art, the area is alive with creative culture, with art studios, clubs, cafes and bookstores all compacted within its circumference. Some of its more famous residents include Michelberger Hotel, Original Unverpackt, and Hard Wax.

Tiergarten - There is no better place for a weekend barbecue than Tiergarten. Join the locals as they spend hours talking, drinking, eating and making merry in Berlin’s largest park. Other highlights in the area include the Berlin zoo, the Philharmoniker and the luxury boutique hotel, Das Stue.