Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street - Located off Liujiang Road, close to the Gulanyu ferry terminal, this street teems with European-styled buildings embellished with coastal accents. Pick up little knick-knacks and souvenirs from the row of shops that line the street.

Bailuzhou Park - The lush greenery of Bailuzhou Park provides a place of respite from the city. Look out for the park’s iconic goddess sculpture that seems to represent the genteel spirit of Xiamen.

Nanputo Temple - Nanputo Temple is heavily revered amongst the Fujianese community, and is also an important heritage site for Southeast Asian pilgrims. Located outside Xiamen University, visitors can scale the mountain behind the temple to access beautiful views of the city and its surrounding nature. End your trip with a hearty vegetarian lunch at the temple’s restaurant.

Gulangyu - Last but not least, Gulangyu is Xiamen’s main attraction, and often why so many visitors pass through the city. A day-trip to this outlying island is a must, to soak in the bohemian-like charm, or simply to indulge in some great seafood dining.