Ascott Annual Reports

The Ascott Limited's annual report details the company's financial and operation performance. The Ascott Limited is a leading international serviced residence company with units spread across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Beyond Being First

Ascott Annual Report 2007 (File Size: 13.5 MB)
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Contents (32 KB) Milestones 2007 (64 KB)
Beyond Being First (28 KB) In Step with the Corporate Traveller (58 KB)
Thematic Family (173 KB) Extending the Ascott Reach (113 KB)
Thematic Chambermaid (128 KB) Residents' and Community Programmes (143 KB)
Thematic Architect (110 KB) Our People, Our Future (103 KB)
About The Ascott Limited (27 KB) Financial Review (150 KB)
Leading Brands (77 KB) The Ascott Limited Directory (60 KB)
Awards (37 KB) Corporate Office (36 KB)
Ascott Across the World (50 KB) Contact Us (28 KB)
Year in Review (116 KB) Back Cover (24 KB)
Key Achievements in 2007 (150 KB)