Build an international hospitality career with Ascott

As a Singapore company that pioneered Asia Pacific’s first international-class serviced residence in 1984, we pride ourselves as a Singapore-based global hospitality company. Coupled with Singapore’s connectivity as a gateway to the Asia Pacific, it has bolstered our growth in the region and beyond.

The surrounding South East Asia region also presents immense opportunities for the hospitality sector, with its rising middle class, increasing number of international visitors and inflow of investments.

Be at the heart of the action and the growth in the global serviced residence sector through the Ascott Management Associate Programme

About our Programme

You will undergo a specially tailored 18-month on-the-job learning programme, with the view of developing you into a hospitality professional with a global perspective.

During the programme, you will be rotated across our serviced residence functions and brands. There will also be a stint with our corporate functions. Being expected to perform and deliver during the programme, you will be entrusted with responsibilities and challenges from your first day.

To help you succeed in your role, we will assign an experienced mentor to coach and enhance your on-the-job learning experience. Your mentor will monitor your progress and chart your development. You will receive supplementary classroom training programmes that serve to polish your functional and management capabilities. In addition, you will benefit from exposure to senior management so as to sharpen your business acumen. We want to ensure that you receive a holistic development during this programme.

Upon completing the programme, you will be offered a permanent position within our serviced residences, that commensurates with your performance. In this role, you will continue to hone your knowledge and skills in hospitality management.

Do I qualify?

We are looking for potential MAs who are passionate about hospitality operations. You should also have a solid educational and extra-curricular track record exemplifying leadership skills. It would be a plus if you are keen to work overseas or had cross-cultural experiences.

What’s next?

Applications are open year round, with interview cycles held between January to March. Shortlisted candidates will undergo two rounds of interviews and case presentations with the Human Resource Manager and Ascott’s senior management team. Before applying for our Management Associates Programme, we encourage you to read up about our company, culture and what it takes to succeed as our Management Associate

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