Intern with either our Corporate Headquarters or at our Singapore Operations. At our Corporate Headquarters, you will work on projects that impact our global network of serviced residences. As an intern with our Singapore Operations, you will work closely with our front line team that delivers Ascott’s brand promise to our guests from all around the world.

About our Programme

Our internships offered are across hospitality operations from guest service, housekeeping and engineering to corporate positions from sales, marketing, finance, human resources and investment. Interns who do well during their internship with us will be considered for full-time hire.

To complement your internship stint in Singapore, we have specially set up the Ascott Interns Club. Through our Club activities, we hope to impart knowledge about Ascott’s business, etiquette to thrive in the working world and importantly offer a platform for our fellow interns to make new friends.

To ensure that you have a strong foundation to excel in your work, you will be orientated on Ascott’s business. You will work with and learn from experienced managers. They will entrust you with responsibilities from your first day and expect you to deliver quality work and projects. Furthermore, you will be able to interact and cross-learn from fellow Associates interning with us as well as pick up valuable career tips during your exposure to the senior management team.

Do I qualify?

We are keen to work with interns who can intern for longer periods of time, typically for 3 months or longer. This is so that you can be entrusted with meaningful projects and gain the invaluable experience of seeing the project from start to finish.

How do I apply?

Internship opportunities are available all year round. Keep a look out for our internship listings on campus and our career page!  

Otherwise, drop your resume here.

Indicate why you are interested to intern within the hospitality industry, your 3 areas of interests, and why Ascott in particular. You will be required to sit through at least one interview with the hiring manager.